On November 2, choose a people-powered change to the status quo.


Tabernacle Baptist Church, 1019 N Cayuga St
Alice Cook House, 709 University Avenue

I believe that the County Legislature has a responsibility to provide for the people who live here — accessible and affordable housing, consistent internet access, quality health care, and more. The people themselves, particularly those struggling the most, deserve to have their voices centered in this work.

What we can win if we work together:

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Municipal Broadband Internet

Fast, reliable connections will give people better access to school, work, health care, and more. The county should also progress toward a publicly-owned power grid.

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Local Green Jobs

As we plan for a sustainable future and a needed economic recovery, we need to create more green development jobs and train our local workforce to fill them.

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Affordable Housing

Everyone deserves a comfortable place to live. The county needs to provide genuinely affordable housing with paths to low-cost ownership.

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With your support, we can transform Tompkins County.
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