Meet Veronica

Veronica Pillar is a teacher, organizer, tenant, and scientist. With years of community experience, she is committed to justice, accountability, and evidence-based decision-making while representing District 2 in the Tompkins County Legislature.

Veronica moved to Ithaca 10 years ago to pursue a PhD in physics at Cornell, and has lived right here in District 2 for the past nine years. Veronica teaches physics at TC3, and math and science at the Cascadilla School.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only highlighted but exacerbated the social and economic problems of Tompkins County, as it has everywhere. Instead of merely recovering from the pandemic, we need to tackle these problems head-on. Veronica will bring her community experience — as an organizer for racial justice, community aid, and more — to local government to address the challenges in our community. Read more about her platform.


I believe that every single person has the right to housing, medical care, healthy food, and a safe and clean environment.

I believe that every person has inherent value and should be treated with dignity, regardless of circumstances or identity.

I believe that the people affected by a decision should have the option to participate in that decision, and that transparency and collaboration are critical to a just government.

I believe that government should serve the people, and that people must be prioritized over property.

I believe that our dominant culture is rooted in white supremacy, and we must understand this in order to end racism and move toward justice for all.

Why I’m Running

I believe that the County Legislature has a responsibility to residents to provide accessible and affordable housing, consistent internet access, quality health care, and more. The people themselves, particularly those struggling the most, deserve to have their voices centered in this work.

We need a representative who is dedicated to building and maintaining connections to the community, making decisions with the support of the people of Tompkins County and staying accountable to them.

I vow to be that representative.