I’m committed to representing my community fairly and honestly. We are so grateful for the organizations and local leaders who have voiced public support for my campaign.

NY WFP logo

The New York Working Families Party

Working Families Party endorses six County Legislature candidates

“In 2017, we were proud to help usher in a new chapter for the Tompkins County Legislature by electing champions that would put working families first. In the four years since, Shawna, Amanda, Deborah, Daniel, and Anne have all done exactly that,” said Tompkins County New York Working Families Party leader Maribel Tineo. “Now, we’re thrilled to not only endorse these five proven progressives for another term, but also endorse Veronica to represent District 2. Veronica is a stalwart advocate for racial and housing justice in Ithaca, and is the right person to fill the shoes that now-Assemblymember Anna Kelles has left. We’re fired up to hit the pavement and ensure that these six candidates can keep fighting for working families from the County Legislature.”

“I’m thrilled to be working with the Working Families Party,” said Pillar. “The WFP coalition is aligned with my values in prioritizing justice, community, and basic human needs. Together we will fight for safe, affordable housing, living-wage jobs, and strong human rights protections for all people in Tompkins County.”

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New York Progressive Action Network

NYPAN Endorsed Candidates for the 2021 Primary

Cornell Progressives Logo

Cornell Progressives

“Cornell Progressives is proud to announce our endorsement of Veronica Pillar for the Tompkins County Legislature. Taking over for formerly endorsed @kelles4ny, we are confident that Veronica will continue the good work of making Tompkins County a bastion for Progressivism.”

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Building Trades Council logo with seal

Tompkins-Cortland Building and Construction Trades Council

“We are proud to support Veronica’s campaign because we know that she will fight for worker protections, a living wage, and an economy that works for the many, not the few.” –Todd Bruer, President of TCBCTC

Progressive Women of NY logo

Progressive Women of New York

“We are delighted to offer our endorsement to Dr. Veronica Pillar to represent District 2 in the Tompkins County Legislature, the seat left vacant by Anna Kelles. Dr. Pillar’s commitment to racial and economic justice is badly needed in Tompkins County at this time. Dr. Pillar’s background as a scientist and a teacher and her activism in the community will set her up to be a leader on key progressive issues such as housing, climate change, health care and police reform.”

Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America

“The working people of Ithaca have suffered under converging crises that aren’t addressed by the centrist status quo. We need a people-powered movement at the city and county level, the kind that is reflected in the progressive agenda of Veronica Pillar. Not only are we working hard to elect progressive allies, but we are planning to continue collaborating with them while they are in office.”

"Ithaca Is" text with Sunrise Movement logo

Sunrise Movement Ithaca

“Sunrise Ithaca proudly endorses Veronica Pillar for Tompkins County Legislature!”

Cornell Democrats

“With her policies and her experience as both a teacher and community activist, we believe that Veronica will fight for causes that actually help people at the local level. From municipal broadband, green jobs, and affordable housing for all, the policies that Veronica has planned to enact clearly show that she is working for the interests of the working families in District 2 and all of Tompkins County alike.”

Community Leaders

phoebe brown portrait
Phoebe Brown, Alliance of Families for Justice Central NY Coordinator

“I endorse Veronica Pillar because I have worked with her on many projects and learned firsthand her dedication to the people.”

patricia rodriguez portrait
Patricia Rodriguez, TC Immigrant Rights Coalition steering committee member and Ithaca College Associate Professor, Politics

“I support Veronica Pillar’s run for Tompkins County Legislature because I know she is thoughtful and holds close to her heart the most humane social justice values. She will fight to bring about truly fairer policies, and build community.”

portraits of ducson and seph in a shaded circle
Ducson Nguyen and Seph Murtagh, Ithaca Alderpersons

“Dr. Pillar’s work with and for the most vulnerable people in the county make her the right choice for these times. We endorse her candidacy and hope our District 2 neighbors get out and vote early!”

Kathy Luz Herrera Portrait
Kathy Luz Herrera, retired IBEW Local 241 member and former Tompkins County District 2 Legislator

“Veronica Pillar’s hard-won credentials as a Cornell PhD, activist, and teacher comprise an ideal skillset for a Legislator as Anna Kelles’s tenure has demonstrated. Veronica will research and analyze information while taking in the diverse perspectives in our community and communicating with compassion and transparency. Choose the candidate who will represent working families, parents, students, and tenants, as well as homeowners and small businesses. I’m voting Veronica, and I urge progressives and caring residents to join me in electing Veronica to the Tompkins County Legislature.”

Elan Shapiro Portrait
Elan Shapiro, Tompkins County Showing up for Racial Justice leadership circle member

“Bridging between the grassroots community and local government, protecting all people’s human rights, increasing access to affordable housing and broadband Internet, being a vocal proponent of evidence-based policies — I can heartily get behind your campaign, Veronica.”

Herb Engman Portrait
Herb Engman, Former Ithaca Town Supervisor

“I support Veronica Pillar because she is independent of any special interests. Therefore, she will be able to use the resources of the county to promote decent housing as a human right, strengthen the commitment to racial justice, and advocate better wages for those most in need.”

Rebecca Weger Portrait
Rebecca Weger, Disabled Resident, Community Organizer

“Veronica is committed to quality of life for everyone, including health care, access, and justice. I trust her to listen, plan, advocate, and fight hard — in solidarity with her neighbors — for what we need and want.”

Barbara Regenspan Portrait
Barbara Regenspan, Professor Emerita, Colgate University

“I support Veronica Pillar because I know she is thoughtful and holds close to her heart the most humane social justice values. She will fight to bring about truly fairer policies and build community.”